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Nursing is a high-demand, but competitive field. Candidates for nursing school are evaluated on a number of factors, including their performance on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). This standardized admission test assesses a candidate’s skills in reading, math, science, and English and language usage.

The TEAS Prep 1 course will prepare you to sit for the Reading and English Language Usage portions of the TEAS exam. This hands-on course includes focused content, videos, discussion questions, flashcards, test prep tips, and practice test questions. You will learn to identify topic sentences, recognize the different forms of an argument, determine the author’s purpose, evaluate the point of view of a text, and examine conventions of English spelling and vocabulary. You will also identify your learning style and learn useful test-taking strategies to fully prepare for the exam.

By course completion, you will be ready to conquer the TEAS Reading and English Language Usage section


For the TEAS exam, it’s important to be able to read paragraphs with a critical mind and indicate the main idea. In this lesson, you’ll be shown the secrets of dissecting a piece of writing, so that you can name the topic, give the main idea, show the support given for that main idea, infer a conclusion, eliminate all irrelevant data, and put everything you’ve learned into your own words so that you can help others explain that idea. By questioning what you read now, you will have a trained eye ready for the challenge of the exam!

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