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Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) receive training and certification in fundamental patient care abilities, allowing them to work in an entry-level role in the nursing sector with a variety of job prospects. CNAs work in hospitals, medical offices, private health care institutions, Alzheimer and mental health facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation and independent living centers, assisted living facilities, dialysis centers, clinics, home care companies, private duty, and schools. The most significant characteristics for those entering this burgeoning area are strong interpersonal communication skills, a nurturing and loving disposition, and a high standard of ethics and professionalism, owing to the intimate nature of the work.

KE Medical Training Center offers a variety of flexible training choices, including day, evening, and weekend classes. Additionally, we offer customized training alternatives to fit your unique training requirements. We offer a three-day Power Weekend for people who want to learn rapidly, or eight-day programs in the day or evening for those who prefer a slower pace. If you prefer online classes, we offer a hybrid training option in which you can complete the lecture and theory portions of the course online and then come to campus for the hands-on skills section.

KE Medical Training Center offers sessions that begin and conclude in less than two weeks. If you submit your Florida Certified Nursing Assistant application to Prometric, you will also need to schedule a fingerprinting appointment to complete the necessary Level II Criminal Background Screening. Typically, this process takes 30 days to complete if no criminal history difficulties arise. After submitting your Prometric CNA state testing application, allow 30 to 45 days from the date of your fingerprint appointment.

No! Just bring a pen & highlighter. We supply the classroom training supplies and we give you a CNA Training Manual (yours to keep) on the first day of class.

No, by law you must test through the State of Florida to become a certified CNA. Prometric is the company contracted through the Florida Board of Nursing to administer all Nurse Assistant exams in the State of Florida. After you successfully complete the CNA Prep course, Southern Technical Institute will provide you with a document of completion and you will have the knowledge and tools to pass the required State exam. The purpose of the CNA Prep course is to prepare you to successfully pass the State exam without attending the more expensive 120 hour Nursing Assistant program.

The State CNA certification exam is administered through Prometric. On the first day of your CNA Prep class, your instructor will help you complete the application correctly. You will send your application and fees to Prometric directly.

Anyone with or without formal (diploma program) healthcare training may sit for the Florida Certified Nurse Assistant exam. Because the CNA Test Prep course is not a Florida Board of Nursing-accredited diploma program, we are able to cut training time and associated expenses. When you sit for the Florida Nurse Assistant test as a challenger, you will receive the same state examination as all other candidates. Without completing a state-approved nurse assistant program, an individual is limited to three attempts to challenge the CNA State exam. If you are considering relocating outside of the State of Florida, it is critical to contact the Board of Nursing in the state to which you are relocating. Not all states will transfer a license obtained through examination challenge.

The CNA Test Prep course is a continuing education course only. Therefore, by law, we are unable to issue you a diploma. You will receive documentation of attendance for completion of the CNA Test Prep course. If you wish to earn a diploma, Speak with Student Services to learn about other diploma programs offered.

No! Just bring a pen & highlighter. We supply the classroom training supplies and we give you a CNA Training Manual (yours to keep) on the first day of class.

No, the Florida Board of Nursing does not need you to complete any training before to taking the examination. Even with prior experience as a nurse assistant, though, passing the exam can be quite tough. The examination is delivered in accordance with State norms, and many experienced healthcare practitioners develop "working" habits that differ from the testing requirements, affecting their ability to challenge the state exam successfully. It's critical to emphasize that you only have three chances to dispute the CNA State exam. After three failed attempts, you will be obliged to enroll in a lengthy state-approved Nurse Assistant diploma program.

You can register in one of three ways for your convenience: Register online; or to register over the phone, call fort Myers Campus: (239) 206 1967 or simply stop by at 1469 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33907 so that we can give you a personal tour (No appointment necessary).

We accept cash, debit card, and credit card payments. Sorry, but we are unable to accept personal checks! The full balance of your course is due by the first day of your scheduled class.

Ke Medical Training Center does not require a criminal background check to attend the CNA Prep course. However, when you apply for the State of Florida CNA exam, a level 2, FBI criminal background screening is required. Ke Medical Training Center has no affiliation or connection to the criminal background check and cannot give advice regarding your previous background record.