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Nursing Aide Exam Preparation (CNA)

This Prep Course is for people who have previous experience in the medical field.


This intensive course prepares students for the certification exam which is necessary to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in the State of Florida. . The course focuses on the theory and the 22 practical skills that are part of the written and clinical skills test. It will also cover the importance of standard procedures, ethical standards, legal limitations, and medical abbreviations frequently used on the daily work.


Student must have passed a course in Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, or Home Health Aid; or obtained previous theoretical studies on the subject.


24 Clock Hours (6 Saturdays)
Class Time  
8:30AM – 12:30PM

Start Date

To Be Announced
Subject Course Topics CO/HR
CNATP 1 Hand washing 1
CNATP 2 Change an Occupied Bed 1
CNATP 3 Measure and record-pulse 1
CNATP 4 Measure and record respiration 1
CNATP 5 Transfer the patient from the bed to the wheelchair 1
CNATP 6 Ambulate with the patient 1
CNATP 7 Change the patient position 1
CNATP 8 ROM for upper extremities (shoulder) 2
CNATP 9 ROM for upper extremities (elbow & wrist) 1
CNATP10 ROM for lower extremities (hip, knee and ankle) 1
CNATP11 Brush the patients teeth 1
CNATP12 False denture and mouth care 1
CNATP13 Partial Bed bath 2
CNAPT14 Hands and Nail care 1
CNAPT15 Dressing the patient with affected arm 1
CNAPT16 Feeding a dependent patient 1
CNAPT17 Providing Feet care 1
CNAPT18 Measure and record contents urinary drainage bag 1
CNAPT19 Giving the bedpan 1
CNAPT20 Catheter care to incontinence patient 1
CNAPT21 Female perineal area 1
CNAPT22 Practical Test 2

English EN French FR Haitian Creole HT Spanish ES
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