Enrolled: 0 students
Duration: 720
Level: All Level

Duration: 8.5 months or 36 weeks

720 clock hours
1. Present a Valid picture ID
2. Present a High School diploma or GED. Prospective students that do not possess a high school diploma or GED must pass the Ability to Benefit Wonderlic exam provided by the institution. Minimum passing scores for the Wonderlic test are 200 in the Verbal Skills and 210 Quantitative Skills.

3. In order to qualify for enrollment, a one-on-one appointment with one of the school admissions’ representatives is required. During the one-on-one appointment, the admission’s representative will provide advisement services to assist the student in planning and completing the occupational education program for enrollment.

4. Documentation from another country must be accompanied by the corresponding translation and evaluation by a Florida approved agency or individual. For a listing of approved translators visit the American Translators Association www.atanet.org.
5. Applicants who are at least 17 but younger than 18 years of age may enroll in any program under parental or legal guardian consent. A parent or legal guardian is required to sign the Enrollment Agreement.
6. Complete the admission’s application.
7. Pay the required $125 registration fee.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: Upon completion of the Medical Assistant program, graduates will possess the skills and hands on experience to become entry level Medical Assistants, working in all aspects of the medical office.
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Medical Assistant program is designed to train students in all of the relevant aspects of medical office management including reception, booking appointments, records management, informatics, insurance billing, preparing patients for physical examinations, and minor surgeries, performing specialized medical tests including urinalysis, and collecting biological specimens, phlebotomy, EKG, limited X Rays, and processing and recording pharmacological data. Graduates of this program will be prepared and possess the skills and hands on experience to work at the entry level in medical offices, clinics and various medical practices.

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